Willpower Smart Database series

Willpower smart distributed database (DSDB) &The Willpower smart database (SDB) White Paper.

With the growing threats of cyber security simply having a firewall is no longer enough.  A standard database or a standard distributed ledger that is hardcoded it’s just waiting for the hacker to find the right door. Some hackers are even using artificial intelligence the crack even the most secure security systems. This is why Willpower Game Werks is bringing the world the smart database and the distributed smart database, the system uses artificial intelligence to both administer and secure the databases and their network connections.

Design is complex yet simple, and efficient.

Uses a series of weak AI automation scripts to run all functions including data entry, data management, and network connections with built-in fault tolerance. When the fault tolerance is reached the script will relinquish control of the affected system to a General AI that will be knowledgeable in fraud detection, data forecasting, and cyber security protocols. The General AI more than takes the appropriate steps to secure the data.

Each industry use will have a specific AI automation data handler.

Use Cases:

  • Inventory tracking
  • Accounting
  • Employee records management
  • Customer management
  • Vendor management
  • Logistics management
  • Portfolio management
  • Stock or crypto trading 
  • General Database security with no automation
  • AI personal Assistant
  • And more

Example of operation:

Set up 1 an accounting firm or accounting department.

Network computers one, two, three, four, and five are connected to the database via an AI-controlled VPN which assigns each computer an internal IP address at the server. All data then flows in from the VPN  through an AI malware detector than to accounting AI and then to the database. There are no direct input or output connections available between the Network and the database.

For this example we are going to say that computer two suffers a cyber-attack and tries to introduce fraudulent data into the database such as changing account balances, making funds transfer outside the forecast model without first entering the proper authorization command, or attempting to access data outside of the normal set for that computer.(the general ai would know the normal operations of this computer through machine learning and observing day-to-day operations).

  When any of the above-mentioned examples or other security, and operational protocol exceptions are programmed into the Automation AI, it will then send an alert to the General AI and cease all data operations with that computer. The AI will then assess the threat risk and protect the database as it sees fit, which could include locking out the computer or disconnecting the computer from the internal VPN.

This type of data and network security is what is needed with today’s ever-changing cyber security threats.

Initial prototype:

The initial prototype is a decentralized distributed database that focuses on utility tokens, NFTs, and smart contracts. The distributed database model is just like the model mentioned above. Except the AI VPN server will assign a license to use this technology as a node. In a distributed platform only AI to AI connections are allowed, and it requires at least two DSDB at the start. In this use case, the AI would be instructed to use immutable tables only and because it is going to be decentralized the AI human overrides would be null meaning once the server is started only the AI can make changes, and all human input would be regulated by the AI only with no override with any attempt to override to be countered by cyber security protocols. The input of smart contracts would allow additional functionality but would be overseen and executed by the Al.

Features of the system:

  • Chatbot AI interface for quick queries of data or system status. (permissions/functionality  programmed on use case basis)
  • Cloud or local server based system.
  • Conventional data stream connections to sql overseen by AI data handler(s). 
  • AI automation (front loaded weak AI)  data handler scripts are modular plugins to allow customization for use in any industry. 
  • AI master controllers can be configured to be run with or without human authorization overrides.( Selection must be made before SDB initiated and can not be changed one initiated – we recommend no or minimal human overrides)
  • Each AI master controller is pre-taught data trend algorithms, and cyber security protocols. Additional training is provided per use case as necessary.
  • AI master controller observes and learns from AI Automation scripts.
  • AI master controller utilizes neural net.
  • Utilizing SQLite3 database clusters keeps data safe in the event of a power outage or hardware failure.
  • Automated backup or duplication handled by AI (settings are adjustable before initialization)
  • When “no human overrides “  is selected no changes can be made without being approved by the AI. This ensures no data manipulation/tampering ,fraud, or theft.

Welcome to the future with The Willpower smart distributed database & The Willpower smart database are the future of Distributed ledgers and databases.*

*Still under development