Willpower Game Werks

Welcome to the future of NFTs, decentralized gaming, and social media. Willpower Game Werks is a software development company focusing on decentralized technologies and artificial intelligence technologies.

Currently, we are working on 4 projects.

Willpower Smart Database series

Willpower Game Werks is bringing the world the smart database and the distributed smart database, the system uses artificial intelligence to both administer and secure the databases and their network connections.

Freedom Falcons NFT collection

The Patriot NFT collection consists of 3 collections of 1776 unique NFTs. A portion of all proceeds goes to the Wounded Warrior Foundation.


Social Gold (SGL) is a participant to earn and play it to earn a decentralized social media platform that is moderated by its community that uses an NFT for your login. There will also be a free NFT creator and an NFT marketplace. In addition, we are developing a VR and web lounge where users will be able to play multiplayer games against each other avatars or just hang out. Social Gold is all about the future of social media.


The “Willgame” blockchain-powered by “Willgame”(WLG) is a framework for building, hosting, and connecting apps for decentralized games, where games can be interconnected allowing you to transfer your avatar, items, and wealth from one game to the next by using your digital ownership. (NFT) While decentralized gaming isn’t a new concept, and this won’t happen overnight because most of the games that currently exist can’t be converted or their developers simply won’t convert or link them. Ask yourself what is a game without its players?